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Car Brake Service & Replacement

Car Brake Service

When using your automobile’s brakes, you should be aware of several telltale signs.

Grinding – It is possible to hear a grinding noise when the friction material on the brake pads has worn down to the metal caliper as a result of heavy wear on the friction material. It is likely that the brake disc will also be damaged in this manner.

Squeaking – Several factors contribute to the squeaking of car brakes. The sound of squeaking may be indicative of a stuck brake caliper and a partially applied brake pad. In some cases, however, brake pads squeal when they become worn, alerting the driver that they need to be replaced. If there is any squeaking, you should have it checked. Explore the benefits of engine remapping for your vehicle.

Pulsating – When you apply the brakes on your car, you might notice that the brake disc is warped due to excessive heat. As a result of the distorted brake disc, pulsation occurs when brake pads make contact with the disc. You may be experiencing this only when the brakes are applied firmly, in which case it may be the ABS activating. However, if you are concerned or if it occurs frequently, you should have your brakes checked out. Follow our guide for transmission fluid replacement.

Pulling – A sticking hydraulic or mechanical component, such as a seized caliper, could make your car pull left or right when you brake. When the vehicle pulls to one side, an inspection is necessary to determine the exact cause. Find tips for choosing the right auto repair shop.

Sponginess – Is the vehicle brake pedal responsive and spongy? The brake fluid isn’t flowing through this system properly because air has entered the brake lines.

Soft Brake Pedal – A limp and all the way down brake pedal indicates serious problems with the braking system, and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It is common for brake pedals to be soft and able to be pressed all the way to the floor indicating that the brake fluid has become ineffective. It is possible, however, that there may be several other possible causes, such as a failure in the master cylinder. Understand why regular vehicle inspections are crucial.

Dashboard Light – When the brake warning light appears continuously on your instrument panel or when the brakes are applied, it usually indicates that there is insufficient brake fluid in the vehicle. It may also be indicative of a brake hose leak. Learn about car mechanics and automotive repair.

It is common for brakes to need to be replaced entirely if they are experiencing problems. A brake replacement is generally required every 50,000 miles because brakes wear naturally over time. 

According to the extent of the wear or damage, your mechanic may be required to replace the front brakes, the rear brakes, or all four brakes.

The most commonly replaced parts are brake pads and brake discs. Your car’s model as well as the component that needs to be replaced will determine the cost of the replacement.

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