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Mobile Mechanics Vs Garages – The Big Difference

Mobile Mechanic vs Garage Mechanic

There is nothing quite like going out on the open road and enjoying the highways. You can cruise around, get to new destinations, and of course commute to work. For the most part you don’t have to worry about anything but petrol. With a full tank, you can get pretty far and not have to worry about anything. But even the best vehicles are going to go through wear and tear, and eventually break down. This can be a nuisance to say the least. Dealing with this issue is going to be tough, but there are two major options that you will no doubt want to pursue. There’s the option of getting a mobile mechanic or a garage. Now, each option has pros and cons, and there’s a big difference between them. Exploring this can help you understand which is going to be better for your overall needs.

The Initial Responders

When you feel that something has gone wrong with your car, you shouldn’t try to force movement. You should get to a safe location and see what is wrong. You may not immediately know what is going on, but you need to register everything that you hear, see, and smell. You want to have your wits about you so that you are able to relay the information to a mobile mechanic. Your best bet at first is to call mobile mechanics to come to your aid. They will be able to meet you at your location and assess the needs you may have.

Mobile mechanics around London are trained to help with a wide variety of problems that you may face. They start with a simple diagnostic look. They check to see whether or not you’re out of petrol, oil, or any number of things. They’ll also check whether or not your engine is working, your tires are inflated, and a number of things that go through a checklist. Each option is carefully weighed, and ruled out in case that’s the main issue. They’ll even check minor issues, including spark plugs and even batteries. They deliver peace of mind in most cases. If they can’t fix things there, then they’ll recommend a solution and apply it, or help you get to a locale where they can do more extensive work.

Garages Help In A Different Manner

Going in a different direction, you’ll find that there are garages all over the UK and London. These are definitely great options of those that need extensive work down on their vehicle. While mobile mechanics are great for meeting you at where your car may be, garages are meant to stay put. They may have tow trucks, but chances are they are set in one place and you have to bring your vehicle to them in order to get help.

Garages are usually able to work on extensive repairs that your car may have. They will have a great deal of diagnostic tools, and equipment. They’ll be able to raise your vehicle and work on the underside, repair tires, and do a lot of work that a mobile mechanic may not be able to help you with on the road. Mobile options are great, but they can be limited when in the open. For instance, they can’t prop up your vehicle and work on it elevated. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just a difference that you’ll need to understand outright.

A professional mechanic working the car engine in the garage

The Cost Issue

As you look into mobile mechanics versus a garage, you’re going to find that there’s a big issue at play. One that you may not immediately think about, but it’s absolutely important. The main problem is the cost. The cost that you are going to have to deal with will absolutely be different. The cost associated with working with a mobile mechanic will be far less than a garage. The prices associated with garages are usually inflated because of several factors. If you break down their business model, you’ll realize that they have a lot to consider. For instance, the cost of the lease or rent of the building that they are in. Aside from that, they pay employees, the parts they use, tools, and so much more. Running a brick and mortar shop costs a great deal in operation costs, and that gets passed down to the consumer.

The same can be said about any storefront today. Storefronts today have to pay a great deal in taxes, rents, insurance, and more. That’s something that they have to consider when pricing their services. Parts and labor become inflated, and you’ll pay a lot more. Mobile mechanics don’t have to worry about the overhead that comes with a physical location. While they may have a main office, they work on the road, and meet you where your vehicle is, and help you there. They focus on helping when your car breaks down on the road, so that you can get back to driving.

Convenience Is Paramount

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that the biggest difference between mobile mechanics and garages is the issue of time. Chances are you will never really know when your car is going to break down. You may be driving to work on a normal day, and something goes wrong. You could be coming home after your shift, and your vehicle may fall apart. What do you do? You can try to get to a garage or hope that they tow, but what if they don’t? That’s where many motorists get frustrated, stranded, and stuck. In order to offset that, mobile mechanics come through with a convenience that is unmatched. They meet you, even if you’re on the road. They can save you from the frustration that comes with breaking down in public. Whether on the highway or the road near your work. Wherever you may be in London, mobile solutions are going to trump garages in terms of convenience. Since your car may be unpredictable, having a friendly mobile mechanic on speed dial is well worth your time.

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