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Transmission Repair & Reconditioning

Transmission Repair & Reconditioning

You may not realize how complex your car’s gear system is, as it is composed of a great number of mechanical components that keep it going. 

One of the main components of a car is the transmission. The transmission is responsible for converting the speed and momentum of the vehicle into energy. The system ensures that your wheels are moving in the most efficient manner possible in terms of fuel consumption. Cars with automatic transmissions as well as those with manual transmissions both have transmission systems.

We specialize in repairing all types of transmissions and gearboxes, from power-shift transmissions to angle gearboxes on large machines and CVX transmissions on large machines. Learn about car mechanics and automotive repair. Find a reliable automobile repair shop.

The highly-trained technicians at Infinity are on hand to give impartial advice to rectify faulty gearboxes, recondition existing gearboxes, or replace them with a new or fully reconditioned gearbox in conjunction with the latest computer diagnostic equipment.

Partial Repairs – In the event that your unit has only experienced a single failure, we can quickly return you to full service at a fraction of the cost..

Re-conditioning – Our service department can overhaul your machine so that it runs as efficiently as possible and lasts as long as possible. Ensure road safety with thorough vehicle inspections.

Removals and Re-fitting – Mecnitecs’s workshop facility is available for removals and re-fittings.

With over 30 years of experience in the haulage, logistics, and fleet rental industries, United Transmission Services keeps the industry moving. We not only repair transmissions ourselves, as well as ensuring that other gearbox reconditioners, mechanics, and spare parts suppliers are able to access the parts they require to keep their customers moving. Get expert car brake service and replacement.

Our workshop is fully equipped with a team of experienced mechanics, and we have a comprehensive inventory of parts kept on hand, so if you require any type of differential or gearbox repair for your vehicle, we can usually complete it within a day and a half or less.

Depending on the type of transmission and what needs to be repaired, the cost of repairing a transmission will vary significantly. The most domestic vehicle makes and models in the United Kingdom will require transmission repairs costing between £1500 and £5000 by 2020. If you are waiting for parts to arrive, transmission repairs can easily cost £1200 to £2500 in labor alone. It may take a couple of days to complete or up to a month depending on the extent of the repair.

There is a possibility that a cracked fluid line could be the cause of the leak. The cost of repairing that is very low. Alternatively, it may be necessary to replace a bad solenoid or install a brand-new replacement, both of which are quite costly. You may even wish to consider a less expensive transmission rebuild if this is the case. Here is a breakdown of repair costs based on components, types, and scenarios. Understand car engine diagnostics for accurate troubleshooting.

Flushing your transmission fluid can cost between £200 and £300 depending on the type of fluid you need and the make and model of your vehicle. It is likely that the most affordable option is to get a transmission flush if your transmission is slipping.

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