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How and When To Change A Tyre Properly

When you’re driving on a regular basis, it’s easy to ignore certain aspects of your car’s maintenance. One of the easy things to overlook is that of tyres. When things are going great, you don’t think about these things. Even if you were to check the PSI every now and again, and you were to add more air, you can’t ignore these things. Modern vehicles have sensors that will tell you when pressure is low, but what about older model vehicles? Well, that’s something that you will want to explore on a deeper level. The following will help you gauge when and how to change a tyre today.

A Jack and A Tyre Iron

Let’s assume that you were stuck, and you needed to change a blowout. The standard solution here is to have a spare. If you have a spare, you will be able to go through with this simply. If you don’t have one, then you will need to call in mobile mechanics to get you towed to a new location. In order to change this out, you will need to take your jack and place it underneath the vehicle. Once you raise the vehicle you will take the iron and screw off the lugnuts that hold it in place.

Once the lugnuts are off, you will want to take the existing tire off, and place the new one on the axle carefully. Once in place, put the lugnuts back on and tighten them correctly. Apply an appropriate amount of pressure or they could fall off. Once that’s done, you will lower your jack and drive away.



How To Determine It’s Time For A Change

This is a problem that you should not wait too long to check out. The first thing that you will need to look for is tire damage and tread wear. Tyres that are worn will show bald spots, and will have ridges that are completely or nearly gone overall. These changes will cause a great deal of issue down the line. Also look to see if pressure is an issue. If things are leaking, the air is going to slowly go out and cause serious issue. If you’re constantly adding more air, and you’re seeing pressure drop, there may be a small leak, and that requires a professional touch.

It’s important to diagnose these issues before they get bad. If you see things balding, or lowering in tread overall, get replacements, and don’t delay. You don’t want to deal with a blow out, that’s for sure.

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