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Vehicle Inspection and Road Traffic Safety

Vehicle Inspection and Road Traffic Safety

Many countries require vehicle inspections to ensure that vehicles comply with regulations governing safety, emission levels, or both. A vehicle may need to be inspected at various times, for example, periodically or at the time of the transfer of ownership. In the event that periodic inspections are required, they are often referred to as periodic motor vehicle inspections. Two-year and annual intervals are common. 

Our team at Mecnitecs strives to ensure that our customers are absolutely confident in the vehicle they choose before they commit to a purchase. It is our goal to ensure that you will have as much information as possible before you make your purchase in order to ensure there will not be any lingering doubts in your mind during your decision-making process and no regrets following the sale. Discover the importance of regular car maintenance.

Our experts are available to provide you with an expert opinion on the vehicle of your choice. If you take advantage of this service, you get the benefit of expert knowledge in your corner, so you know exactly what the vehicle is and what its history is before you sign any paperwork. Identify the signs indicating your car needs engine repair.

When purchasing a new vehicle, you should ensure that it is roadworthy, safe for driving, and worth the price you are willing to pay. RAC Vehicle Inspections provide you with peace of mind when purchasing a vehicle, so why not choose a RAC inspection? Learn about common car suspension problems and solutions.

In addition, why not take a look at our options for car breakdown cover here for additional peace of mind.

Our highly experienced engineers can inspect your vehicle for as little as £110 and perform the following services:

  • Usually within 48 hours of receiving your request, the vehicle will be inspected at an agreed-upon location
  • The vehicle should be tested on the road and inspected visually
  • Please receive your report by email and, upon request, you will receive a written copy by mail

Moreover, you will be able to purchase European breakdown coverage if you are driving abroad. There is no better breakdown cover than that offered by the RAC in Europe. Compare our services with those of our competitors. Explore the benefits of engine remapping for your vehicle.

The premium plus vehicle inspection is recommended if you wish to conduct a more thorough investigation into the vehicle you are interested in buying. A comprehensive physical inspection is conducted on the vehicle in question as part of a 318-point inspection. It will be possible to observe how the vehicle handles over a longer distance during the extended road test, which will last for 20 miles. Understand why regular vehicle inspections are crucial.

A thorough inspection will be done on the vehicle to check if it has been damaged by accidents before, and if it has already been repaired. We will also inspect the brake fluid. A photograph identifying the areas of concern will be provided to you in the event that any problems arise.

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